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Donations - By Cheque

If you want to make a donation by cheque, first decide how much you want Communities Empowerment Network to receive. Deduct basic rate tax from that amount and make the cheque payable for the amount less the tax. Then download the gift aid declaration form, fill it in and return it with your cheque so that Communities Empowerment Network can reclaim the tax from the Inland Revenue. We will send you a copy of the gift aid form so that if you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can declare the gift on your annual tax return and reclaim the balance.

For example: If you wish Communities Empowerment Network to receive £1,000, write out a cheque for £780 (ie £1,000 less 22% of £1,000). For higher rate tax payers the effect of the tax credit claimable will be to reduce the net cost of the donation to approximately £600.

Cheques should be made payable to Communities Empowerment Network and sent to:

The Director
Communities Empowerment Network
107 Trinity Road
London SW17 7SQ

To action a payroll giving donation, download the payroll giving form, complete it and hand it to your Payroll Manager.

If you require any further information on making donations by cheque, please ring:

Deuan German
Fundraising† Manager
020 8767 5591

N.B. This method should only be used if you have a tax liability in the year of the donation at least equal to or more than the value of the tax saving (ie £220 in the example above).

download gift aid declaration


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