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Donations - Salary

Otherwise known as "payroll giving" this is the easiest and simplest method for regular giving and for making one-off donations when receiving a company bonus. Decide how much you wish to give and then notify your employer of the name of the charity which you wish to benefit (i.e. Communities Empowerment Network) and the size of your monthly donation.

This donation is then deducted from your gross monthly salary and for tax purposes you will be deemed to have received a smaller income. If you decide to donate 100 per month, it means that if you are a basic rate taxpayer you will pay 22 less tax per month while a higher rate taxpayer will benefit to the tune of 40. This brings down the actual cost of the donation to 78 and 60 respectively.

There is one further benefit to be gained from payroll giving. Up until April 2003 the government will add an extra 10% to the amount which you are donating. Therefore a total donation of 110 will only cost a higher rate taxpayer 60.

To action a payroll giving donation, download the payroll giving form, complete it and hand it to your Payroll Manager.

If you require any further information on payroll giving please ring:

Deuan German
Fundraising Manager
020 8432 0530


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